nFusz $FUSZ a NASDAQ Company In OTC Clothing

  • Binding deal with software giant Oracle
  • Flagship product NotifiCRM set to disrupt the $36 billion dollar CRM sector
  • Silicon Review just named nFüsz as one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies of 2017 
  • Juice Plus’ qualifying National Marketing Director calls notifi “A Complete Game Changer”  
  • CEO Rory Cutaia claims he has made people millionaires and will do it again
  • Insiders have never sold a single share
Since late January, nFusz (OTCQB:FUSZ) has been making waves in the OTC world. The Hollywood-based digital tech company, with its disruptive NotifiCRM software, has seen its shares go from around $0.08 on January 24th to a high of $0.33 February 5th and closing at $0.25 on Friday–A solid 300% increase. The company seems to be in the midst of a marketing campaign which not only is getting attention from salesforce-rich companies, but also small cap investors.

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Binding Deal With Oracle – The 8K

On January 2, 2018 FUSZ entered into an agreement with ORACLE AMERICA, INC (NYSE: ORCL). FUSZ agreed to develop an application (a “Partner Application”) to help facilitate the integration of their notifiCRM interactive video messaging technology into the NetSuite Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform developed by ORACLE, and to ensure the interoperability of their notifiCRM technology with the ORACLE SERVICE. Also, both of them intend that all ORACLE NetSuite customers (existing and future) that pay an additional per user fee, will have the ability to create, edit, send, and track notifiCRM interactive video messaging seamlessly through the ORACLE NetSuite user interface. The ORACLE SERVICE integrates Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, E-commerce (web site hosting, web store transactions) and partner collaboration capabilities.
Investors have coined this 8K as “legal insider trading” because they have the ability to trade the stock based on this 8K filing without an official press release. Now ORACLE is a $200 billion dollar company, and the potential of a future joint press release could get FUSZ valuable big board investor awareness from dual news. Being a tech company, having disruptive technology (is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry) and owning the new standard software in a $36 billion dollar sector possibly puts them as an OTC company in NASDAQ clothing.

What is NotifiCRM? (SEE THE VIDEO)

notifiCRM is their flagship product. They built an enterprise-class, fully scalable platform around theirr next-generation interactive video technology. Their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application is designed to give salespeople the tools in today’s video-centric world to SELL – not just report. While other CRM companies focus on tracking engagement, notifiCRM creates engagement, using interactive video with clickable calls-to-action right in the video. Users can send succinct, effective, corporate compliant, interactive videos through email, text messages, or distribute them on social media.

notifiCRM allows anyone to become a video marketing and sales expert, starting at just $9.95/month, plus a modest one-time activation fee.With built-in, easy-to-understand analytics, notifiCRM users know exactly who watched their videos, how many times, for how long, and which calls to action in the video were clicked. The user can easily, visually identify their most interested prospects and re-target them, right through the platform.


The Power Of Integrated Clickable Call to Action Video 

Sales forces are drooling at the opportunity to use this software. Its so easy to use and not only does it keep your clients/customers managed, it also can generate new leads for future sales. This is a network marketers dream come true. View this example video of celebrity Nick Cannon giving a simple pitch and asking for your phone number, which then would be placed within your database. Nick Cannon is currently a brand ambassador and feels nFusz software is the next best thing!

The company recently released its “Entourage” package, a subscription-based account option for its notifiCRM service, the world’s first interactive video-based CRM, created specifically for the 100 million people involved with network marketing sales. A corresponding marketing campaign, titled “Network Marketing Made Easy,” launched today will promote this new package offering.

Juice Plus’ Denise Webster states, “The technology is so simple to use, and it garners attention like no other tool I’ve ever seen. When it comes to selling and recruiting, I’m old school. ‘Belly to belly’, as my colleagues like to call it, has always been the most effective way to produce sales and recruit affiliates. But times have changed. Everyone is on social media. Today, many people actually prefer to connect online. This is where notifi really shines. The app allows you to import your contacts list, and then send a virtual 3D-like salesperson to the screens of your contacts to explain the product as well or even better than most sales reps. But what makes it even more compelling is that it’s all interactive – so your prospects and clients can actually click on things in the video to request more information – or if they’re really motivated – place an order right there in the video. You really need to see this for yourself to understand how effective this is – and how simple. It can make even novice salespeople achieve incredible results right away.


The Entourage Package

Prospective subscribers can sign-up for their notifiCRM Entourage account straight from the nFusz website here, which features a dropdown menu making it easy for independent representatives with many of the major network marketing organizations to get started. Subscribers simply select the name of the network marketing company with which they are affiliated and complete a quick sign-up form. Subscribers then have immediate access to a library of pre-loaded interactive videos that will do the selling for them. The videos are all compliance-approved and through the magic of notifiCRM technology, each video is already interactive, with clickable, in-video calls-to-action which are auto-personalized for each subscriber, based on the information they entered at sign-up.

The Entourage account is available at a modest cost of $9.99/month, plus a one-time $19.99 set-up fee. Non-network marketing sales reps can sign-up for an “Entrepreneur” account, as an individual user ($14.99/month and $4.99 set-up fee), or for an “Enterprise” account, which is white labeled with custom branding and logos for business and enterprise accounts with multiple sub-users ($99.99/month and $199.99 set-up fee). All notifiCRM users have access to a menu of interactive video features they can insert in their videos. These options include in-video clickable links that can deliver their prospects and leads straight to their company landing pages, or instantly purchase their products, sign-up to join their organization, or call or email them directly, and even the ability to click on a link that opens a calendar for prospects to schedule a meeting, and so much more — all from within interactive videos, and all while the video continues to play, keeping your prospects and clients engaged.


The iHeart Radio Interview (HEAR IT NOW)

CEO Rory J. Cutaia recently told iHeart Radio listeners how he made investors, company members and employees millionaires when he sold his last company, and how he’s planning to do it all over again with nFusz. The Chief Executive Officer talked candidly with host Michael Yorba on CEO Money, IHeart’s Talk Radio 1190 AM Dallas/Fort Worth, about how he is now disrupting the $38 billion CRM industry.

“I started my career at a prominent law firm, representing some of the top entrepreneurs the world has ever produced. I consider myself a recovering lawyer,” said nFusz Rory J. Cutaia. “I left the legal profession to become an entrepreneur myself, and founded a company called Telx, which created the defacto standard for the telecom industry, called co-location. I sold that company for $200M, our investors received more than eighteen times their invested capital, I made a lot of millionaires in the company, distributed stock to all the employees and even the receptionist was able to purchase a home and change her life. Telx is a great company, in fact it was recently sold again, about a year ago, for almost $2 billion,” said Mr. Cutaia.

“Most people today, can’t sell. Our product removes selling skills out of the sales process by using proprietary, interactive video technology with corresponding analytics,” said Mr. Cutaia. “In today’s video-centric world, if you’re not using video to market yourself, you’re easily ignored. If you want to be effective, you must deliver messaging in a way that is engaging and succinct, while empowering the user to act on-demand, seamlessly.  The only way to achieve this is through video, and not just video, interactive video.  That’s the solution, and customers are seeing increased conversion rates by up to 600%.”


Investment Summary

When anyone has disruptive technology, the sky is the limit. We know the size of the CRM space (36 billion). A popular shareholder and investor who calls himself “SHEEPWOLF” on Investors Hangout posted that if the company can penetrate 1-4% of the industry, FUSZ could be looking at monthly revenues of $9-$39 million. The company currently has a share structure of 118,262,345 shares outstanding and a market cap of $29,830,494 based on Friday’s close. Its safe to say that with market penetration, projected revenues, not to mention how tech stocks trade at multiples, and the possibility of a joint press release with Oracle on the horizon… its not hard to envision FUSZ moving higher in price in the near and distant future as new company agreements are announced.


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