ImageProtect (OTC:IMTL) Launches Ad Exchange to Stage Fotofy Revenue Growth — The Start of the Revolution?

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The Fotofy Platform, from Image Protect Inc. (OTCMKTS:IMTL), is something of a revolutionary idea.

For a little background, IMTL recently launched a solution – Fotofy – that centers on the integration of in-image advertising and online image sharing.

It works like this: If you own the rights to a digital image and others want to use it, you can try to get them to pay for it. But that’s not easy in the fast and free modern digital world. Piracy is pervasive and consequences are few and far between. So people basically just copy and paste what and where they please with online images.

That’s a huge problem for photographers, who want to get paid when they upload an image that becomes extremely popular.


To solve that problem, the company created a “marketplace” where image owners can offer up their images for free use and sharing, and then monetize them over time through in-image advertising.

The platform launched in early August. Since that time, Fotofy has seen wild growth in user participation and engagement. And when I say “wild growth”, I’m talking about huge numbers: Up 560% m/m in average daily image impressions, 4,000% m/m in submitted images, and 1,089% m/m in image embeds for images shared directly from the Fotofy Image Marketplace at

That brings us to the next big piece of the puzzle: The company just announced the live launch of its proprietary programmatic ad exchange, an advanced Supply Side Platform (“SSP”) that will initially incorporate over fifty (50) market-leading Demand Side Platforms, including Google, Criteo, Acuity, Appreciate, Mobusi, Admixer, and Mobvista.

The is making good on a prior promise, which we always like to see: the company’s release dated October 3 advised the world that the Fotofy Ad Exchange would go live on November 1, 2019. The new release is management confirming that it didn’t drop the ball.

Image Protect CEO, Matthew Goldman, remarked, “Functionally, our exchange is truly state-of-the-art. And we ended up doing it almost completely in-house, which is a tremendous testament to our guys in the trenches. There’s really no downside to eliminating third-party relationships from the equation. It just means more will flow to the bottom line with every partner that comes on board to bid for real estate in our growing embedded image content network.”

The Big Point

According to the release, the Fotofy SSP Exchange will incorporate both “tiered bidding” and the more advanced “header bidding” system, marking it out as among the most cutting-edge resources for advertisers and publishers seeking to find advantageous shared terms.

And because they pulled this all off in-house, more cash will flow right to the bottom-line for shareholders.

“Our Exchange offers the most advanced ‘header bidding’ technology to present publishers with the best possible playing field, and to incentivize the fastest possible expansion of our digital real estate, which in turn promises to lure the biggest brands onto the Fotofy Exchange,” continued Mr. Goldman. “This is going live right now. The growth in platform participation from image creators and image users is one hundred percent organic thus far. We expect that to significantly accelerate as we begin to deploy considerable marketing resources over coming weeks.”

The big point is this: The ad exchange is the most important piece of the puzzle for kicking revenue growth into gear. Hence, the news from this company is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

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