Our Mission

Is to cover the exciting world of Penny Stocks. Many “sophisticated” investors hold up their nose to penny stocks, as they get a bad rap for being scams, pump and dumps, near bankruptcy or whatever. Although these companies do exist within the mix, there are plenty of very solid young companies that are growing with goals of reaching the larger exchanges or acquired by a household named company. Every week there is company that gains at least 100%, and almost every month you can find a company that gains 1000%! These are the ones we want to find and share with the public. The potential reward from investing in Penny Stocks is far greater (percentage wise) than with big board stocks. A great year with a big board is when it climbs 50%…in the penny world, you may get that in 1 day! It’s dangerous, volatile and exciting… a dreamer’s paradise, and we will cover it all.

Our Story

The editor in chief started investing in penny stocks back in 1999 and tremendous success. He established a successful newsletter and website, that eventually evolved into a career of marketing, investor and public relations. From the years 200o-2010, we saw the dot com boom, then bubble burst, 9/11, the housing boom followed by the mortgage crisis. Mixed in that mess, there were CEO’s charged with fraud, naked shorting running rampant and the atmosphere was no longer good. The climate has changed, the last 2 years have been amazing and both the market and the economy are as optimistic as ever. He missed the thrill of doing research till the wee hours in the morning, and finding ground floor opportunities in hot sectors. He sat on the sidelines for too long, but now he is back in the career he once loved and looks to grow into a team of journalistic investors that will interview CEO’s, cover daily winner and losers, and share our opinions on what is happening in the Penny Stock world.

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