How to Get Started TRADING Bitcoin & Other Cryptocoins like Ripple, Tron, Litecoin, NEO and more!

(UPDATED) You will need 2 accounts and follow the 7 steps below. 


Step 1… Get a COINBASE account: Its FREE to sign up, but if you do deposit $100+ with DEBIT or CREDIT, both YOU and will receive a bonus $10 in BTC, There is a $750 DEBIT card max/week but you can do up to $10,000 using a bank account. So go HERE to open your coinbase account==>

Coinbase at the moment will allow you to buy BTC-Bitcoin, ETH-Ethereum and LTC-Litecoin ONLY. NEW! (JUST ADDED Bitcoin Cash – BCH) But you deposit your funds there and get LTC, BTC, BCH or ETH and then transfer your coin(s) to a site called… BINANCE (Note: altcoin traders have stated that using any other coin besides Bitcoin results in less fees/commissions) Once you buy the coin of choice you will see that you have it in a wallet. Go to step 2.

Step 2… Now Binance (out of China) will allow you to trade your transferred LTC, BTC or ETH for any of the “altcoins” everyone is talking about, like XRP-RIPPLE, Tron, IOTA, Monero, ZCash, Dash, Cardona, NEO and more! Get your Binance account here ==>

Step 3... Once you open the Binance account you will go to the DEPOSITS/WITHDRAW tab. On this page you will see all the different coins and their symbol and logo… and to the right an option to click DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW.

NOTE: You need to find the SAME COIN you bought at Coinbase. If you bought Ethereum ETH then you need to hit DEPOSIT on the Ethereum ETH row at Binance. It has to be apples for apples… not apple for oranges.

Step 4… Now, once you hit DEPOSIT… a wallet LINK with lots of letters and numbers will appear with an option to “copy” it… do this!

Step 5… You now GO BACK to COINBASE, find the coins/partial coin in your wallet and choose to SEND. It will then ask for the recipient address… this is where you PASTE what you just copied from the Binance site. A green check mark should appear if done correctly.

Step 6… choose HOW MUCH of that coin you wish to send. When you click in the box to type it will show you down to the decimal point exactly what you have. After you type an amount, the CONTINUE button will be blue and your coins will be ready to be transferred to Binance.

NOTE: You shall receive an email from Coinbase stating that the coins have been transferred. Binance will take at least 10-20 to go through 2 network confirmations before your coin is in your Binance account. Once this is complete …

Step 7… You now need to trade in your transferred coins for either BNB Binance coins or BTC Bitcoin by using the EXCHANGE tab. Once you get your coins into one of these currencies, you can now trade almost any altcoin as long as you know its ticker symbol. Note: Trading is in btc or bnb ratios but will show you the USD amount at the top.

TIP: Like stocks, rather than hit the ask or hit the bid… try your hand at BUYING at the high bidder price and selling at the low offer price. Every tiny fraction of a coin adds up.

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