$ECRD ECARD INC, a Quiet Micro-Float Stock with a Good Story


  • Only 78,500 available shares to be traded as of 10/11/2018
  • Parent company has $1.5 in real estate property assets
  • First batch of ECARDS released to VIP members early October
  • Initial focus on Asian Travelers

In the Penny Stock world, investors have various “hot buttons” and some absolutely love a good “micro-float” stock and its uncanny potential for volatility. Sure, some like sub-penny stocks (stocks that trade under .01), certain sectors such as bio-techs, cannabis, mining or cryptocurrency and some stick to big board stocks because they can’t handle the risk and are comfortable with minimal volatility, but ECRD is a great one for those that love risky plays due to their lack of shares available to the public to trade (only 78,500 shares) so if an influx of BUY orders came in and created demand, the market makers just don’t have the supply available, ultimately creating a price spike in the stock. The funny thing is, of that 78,500 shares, that count is NOT the float. The float is the number of available shares available to be traded minus shares that an insider or group of shareholders are holding and will not sell. This means the float, which is NOT AVAILABLE on OTCMarkets.com (see below) could be much less than an already miniscule number of 78,500 shares. What makes them even better is the fact they have a legit business and story about them, making them an ideal candidate as a potential hot runner once the investment community catches wind.


ECARD Inc. (OTC: ECRD) is a “FinTech” company based in New York. With a vision to improve the ever-changing financial ecosystem, the company delivers a better, faster, and simpler payment solution for customers who travel internationally or make day-to-day purchases at home.

To break the barrier of the global payment system and redefine the way people bank in the world, ECARD Inc. utilizes advanced technologies to provide an innovative financial service that enables frictionless transactions among individuals and organizations beyond countries and regions.


WHAT IS “FinTech”?

Fintech, a portmanteau of ‘financial technology,’ is used describe new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. ​​​At its core, fintech is utilized to help companies, business owners and consumers better manage their financial operations, processes and lives by utilizing specialized software and algorithms that are used on computers and, increasingly, smartphones. When fintech emerged in the 21st Century, the term was initially applied to technology employed at the back-end systems of established financial institutions. ​Since then, however, there has been a shift to more consumer-oriented services and therefore a more consumer-oriented definition. Fintech has expanded to include any technological innovation in — and automation of — the financial sector, including advances in financial literacy, advice and education, as well as streamlining of wealth management, lending and borrowing, retail banking, fundraising, money transfers/payments, investment management and more. Fintech also includes the development and use of crypto-currencies such as bitcoin. That segment of fintech may see the most headlines, the big money still lies in the traditional global banking industry and its $8 trillion market capitalization.



Eastone Capital is now Eastone Equities. Headquartered in New York, Eastone Equities is one of the world’s premier private equity firm. Their people are intellectually curious, constantly strive to improve and adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. We offer a depth and breadth of investment capabilities covering all asset classes. They offer their clients more choice for diversifying their portfolio, enabling asset allocation decisions to meet their investment objectives. With offices in New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, we can serve customers all over the world.
Eastone Equities invest in banks, mortgage companies, real estate companies and fintech companies (ECARD?). They are able to create value for their customers through excellent advisory services and individually tailored investment structures.


If you view their website, you will see ECARD’s logo under “Strategic Partners” (see above).




On October 5th, the company released an update on their website that was not picked up by Financial news publications, making you the readers privy to news most of the investment community is unaware of. The first group of limited ECARDs was successfully released for their VIP users by Sep.28th, Friday.

From the grand opening day of ECARD Off-line Customer Service Center, more than 1000 customers came to consult card-related issues. ECARD has received a warm response in the market and attracted a lot of attention, and more than 50% of the customers are recommended by friends. ECARD team is honored that our product can be welcomed by everyone. This proves that ECARD is able to solve all kinds of financial problems that users encounter in their daily life. Here, ECARD team sincerely thanks the friends who support us along the way.

In addition to the off-line customer service center, if you have any questions related to the card, you can also call the customer service number at (347)-382-8720. We are ready to answer your questions 24/7 and provide the best service to every customer.




U.S. travelers bound for Asia will soon be able to purchase UnionPay prepaid cards issued by Global Bank and marketed by ECARD, a financial services technology company based in New York.

UnionPay cards can be used at over 51 million merchants worldwide – including 100% of merchants that accept payment cards in China. The reloadable general-purpose cards provide U.S. citizens an ideal way to conveniently pay for things in Asia and track spending in U.S. dollars.

Some 5.7 million people visited Asia from the U.S. in 2017 – a 7.2 percent increase from the previous year – according to U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration and National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO).

UnionPay cards are now accepted in 169 countries and regions. Upon return to the U.S., the cardholder can use any remaining funds on the card at millions of U.S. merchants.

“ECARD allows one-time or regular travelers to Asia to enjoy the convenience of card payments in restaurants, hotels, ATMs, gift shops at cultural attractions and just about anywhere payment is accepted,” said Wayne Tsao, Chief Executive Officer of ECARD. “Asian-Americans who visit the Pacific countries regularly for business or personal travel can return time and again with their card and not worry about making special arrangements. There is no need to transfer funds out of the account as UnionPay is widely accepted at U.S. merchants and ATMs.”

ECARD will be available starting in the third quarter of 2018. At that time, U.S. consumers can open an account online and service the account via an application downloaded onto a mobile device. Funds can be added to general purpose reloadable cards online or at retail locations.

“With its broad utility in Asia, smart travelers will get and load a UnionPay card before visiting the region,” said June Chen, General Manager-Americas, UnionPay International. “That way, the traveler doesn’t need to worry about having cash available.”

The UnionPay ECARD is issued by Global Bank of New York pursuant to a license from UnionPay International Co., Ltd.



Debuts in Times Square 2/16/2018

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