VALUE ALERT: Trans Global Group, Inc. (TGGI) Is Not Reflecting Its Asset’s Value, Currently Trades at a 75-81% Discount

  • TGGI currently valued at 0016/share
  • Holds nearly $13 million in assets
  • Has negotiating leverage for more acquisitions
  • Ability to raise non-dilutive capital

SUNDAY MAY 06, 2018…

Trans Global Group, Inc. has the potential to gain 400-533% if its market cap simply reflected its asset value. We feel based on their security holdings in 2 public companies alone, if share price properly reflected their asset holdings… TGGI should be trading right now at $0.0016/share, yet it sits currently at 0.0003/0.0004.

************ UPDATE Tuesday May 8 at CLOSE **************

The MYSTERY ticker is IGPK as announced on twitter earlier today prior to the company filings. MATH TIME: has 540M of (closed 0.0135) = $7.29M +100M of (closed .1041) =$10.41M for a Grand total of $17.7M (in asset holdings) DIVIDE that by 7.9B OS of TGGI… you get an asset VALUE of 0.00224 (up from Sunday’s 0.0016 value mentioned in this article) yet it trades at only 0.0006 x 0.0007/share!

The MATH: Why TGGI Should Be Trading at 0.0016

Feel free to break out a calculator, as we do some math on just how we came up with these numbers.

First, let’s take a look at TGGI’s share structure. Using’s information, it states TGGI’s Outstanding share count is 7,887,078,306 and for simpler math purposes, we will round it to 8 billion. We also know that the share price is 0.0003/0.0004 so when multiplied, there market cap is roughly between $2.4-$3.2 million.

Next, let’s look at what Trans Global Group does. According to the business summary, they have a subsidiary called Cannabis Consortium (CC). When we dive deeper into CC, we see they have taken a large position in 2 other publicly traded companies on the OTC which are:

  • Bahamas Development Corp. (ticker: BDCI) Cannabis Consortium owns 100 million shares of the company, and BDCI currently trades at 074/share.
  • Unknown Company (ticker: N/A) But what we do know is that CC owns 540,000,000 shares of this pink sheet company that consistently trades at or above $0.01/share.

Time to do more math. The BDCI asset (100,000,000 x 0.074) is valued at $7.4 million alone. When doing the math on the second subsidiary asset (540,000,000 x 0.01) we know it is valued at approximately $5.4 million in addition to the $7.4 million. This means TGGI is holding or in control of $12.8 million in stock.

Based on these numbers, when you divide 8 billion (TGGI OS) in the $12.8 million (TGGI’s asset value), the math shows Trans Global Group’s assets are equal to $0.0016/share. Based on the current share price of 0.0003/0.0004 depending on where you can buy it, if TGGI’s share price truly reflected the value of its assets, trading at $0.0016 is a 400-533% gain. Looking at it from a different perspective, if one sees the value at $0.0016/share, getting it at 0.0003 or 0.0004 is like getting it at a 75-81% discount.

These numbers are very exciting if you are a TGGI shareholder, but the scary thing is they can be even better. BDCI has recently traded at the $0.09-0.10 range, and every penny ($0.01) it fluctuates is $1 million in assets. BDCI also recently had a press release on May 01, 2018, stating a private investor purchased 1,600,000 shares at $0.50/each for $800,000. If BDCI ever traded at $0.50/share, TGGI’s holding in BDCI would be worth a whopping $50,000,000! This alone would put TGGI at a value of over 0.006/share and a wild 15-20 bagger from its current trading prices (0.0003/0.0004).

The anticipation of learning more about the second company has shareholders anxious. What is their ticker? What do we own 540 million shares of? What if it trades higher than a penny? What if it trades multiple cents? If it does, it equals an even higher valuation for Trans Global Group.

Trans Global Group Inc Seeks Its Own Identity

Management of TGGI has already identified opportunities to merge into the entity within the MJ sector that are different than those of Cannabis Consortium’s to give TGGI its own identity. This new entity will be used to purchase and hold assets just like Cannabis Consortium is being used for BDCI, except the entity TGGI owns is already a public trading entity.  Trading ability makes the subsidiary more appealing to financiers and also helps to close transactions.

The share structure and price of the new entity gives TGGI some negotiating leverage for acquisitions.  Tethered with their ability to raise non-dilutive capital, this is the perfect combination to close deals. Although TGGI has a deal with Cannabis Consortium and will generate revenue from the sales of the device through Cannabis’s outlets, TGGI needs to control its own destiny.  These new assets will give TGGI the ability to book its own revenue, increase its asset base, as well as the flexibility to complete its share redemption without relying on any one company.

If you are seeking an undervalued stock, with assets/holdings in the red hot cannabis and marijuana sector, please take a real hard look at TGGI.

About Bahamas Development Corp.

Bahamas Development Corp. (BDCI) merged with Cannabis Consortium earlier this year. The idea of the reverse merger was announced late last year, where 100 million restricted common shares of BDCI were issued to Trans Global Group, Inc. (TGGI) for the rights to Cannabis Consortium. This concluded transaction now makes TGGI BDCI’s largest shareholder. The significance is that this is an affiliate control position subject to stringent Rule 144 leak out provisions.  This means there is little if any overhanging stock being shed by BDCI.  The company has been relatively quiet since its announcement last year, but recent news seems to indicate its coming into a super news cycle.   The company has been working strategically to capture a piece of the pie within the hot Cali Cannabis space via partnerships and deals.

About Cannabis Consortium

Cannabis Consortium is currently comprised of four (4) revenue streams compromising specialty items, foodstuffs, beverages, and one (1) research division. Three (3) of the revenue streams are derived from edibles and the other revenue stream is from investments. The research division will focus on the medical benefits of CBD oils for the treatment of animals. For more on Cannabis Consortium, please visit



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