Tempus Applied Solutions: Gains Nearly 3566% in June

Tempus Applied Solutions ($TMPS) Was RED HOT in June

Last month, investors witnessed why investing in penny stocks can be so lucrative. Tempus Applied Solutions (OTC:QB TMPS) went from $0.03 a share to a high of $1.07 (up nearly 3567%) in a matter of days. Now many penny players that happened to grab some shares even at .10 or lower most likely “flipped” their shares for quick profits on the way up and who can blame them.

The sudden rise came shortly after an 8K filing adding new management, and other well connected and/or wealthy individuals to the company’s board of directors. Chatter quickly spread on the investment forums that a company with $100 million in contracts, a billionaire investor owning 90% of the company and a market cap of less $1 million dollars (at the time) simply did not add up and was a target for value investors.

They were not wrong. After the $1.07 peak, the company has sold off. A recent announcement of a $1.2 million contract with the United States Air Force managed to stop the bleeding for a short lived moment, but still eased to close at $0.485 on Friday. The message boards have kept upbeat through weathering the storm of profit taking and possible shorting (which is always tough to prove with MMs).

My opinion is the company is oversold, contracts and revenues are in place and has a “dream team” board to move the business ahead in the future. I would not be surprised to see TMPS regain traction and test its 52 week highs in the near future.

Disclosure: PSInvestor.com nor its author hold or have held any position in TMPS.