Strategic Asset Leasing (OTC: LEAS) Status Now ACTIVE with Wyoming SOS — Climbs 330% the Last 2 Days

Wednesday, Shareholders and investors who watch the PR wires and new OTC filings saw Strategic Asset Leasing have a status change, as they are now ACTIVE with the secretary of state in Wyoming where they are incorporated. LEAS was at .0003 on Tuesday’s close. Yesterday saw flippers in action taking profits causing the stock to dip back into the trips only to find its legs again and close “green” for a second straight day at $0.00129, marking an impressive 330% gain in 2 days.

One may ask – Does going ACTIVE justify a major share price spike of 330%? The answer is it could, and in LEAS’s scenario, it symbolizes a once dormant and forgotten about company potentially having life again, a glimmer of hope with a new CEO with some sort of plan to resurrect a profitable endeavor.

That new CEO is Denis G. Bolbat. When found on LinkedIn, his bio revealed a header “Petrolium, IPOs, Investment Funds, Reverse Mergers” from the Greater New York City Area, and stating his business strengths are “Fund raising, reverse mergers, marketing, trading, IR-PR. Etc. Also. Serious buyers only who are looking for LPG in any mix ratios. Please no middle man Broker Deals. For all future information and procedures please contact me via email at

Here is the official link to the ACTIVE status: 

New and old shareholders are hoping Mr. Bolbat has the magic touch to get the company cleaned up. At this moment and time, we are unsure what lies ahead for the company. Will there be a new asset merged in or will the old business be revamped? Regardless of what comes about, investors jumped in with the notion, “things can only get better from here”.

Looking deeper into Denis’ posts on LinkedIn, unsure if this relates to LEAS, but Mr. Bolbat posted the following (see pic below)

At this moment in time, no one knows again if this was related to Strategic Asset Leasing or if Denis was able to find that investor to put up $100,000, but if it is related, this amount of funds could definitely have been used to clean up old debt, filings and more. If this is related and funding was received, things could have been going on behind the scenes for some time now.

A going concern for some investors is the share structure. One investor commented that in order to file with the state of Wyoming, the outstanding share count status has to be up to date. That number is 800,000,000 which also happens to the authorized according to info listed on This offers the question- How will the company be able to create capital for itself if they’ve maxed the authorized share allocation? The security has seen a 2000-1 and 500-1 reverse split in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Could another RS be in the works? -Investors hope not, but if it breathes life into the company it may be its only option unless some restricted shares can be cancelled or used accordingly for acquisitions or capital raising.

Something is Coming

A shareholder reached out to Denis in regard to the reinstatement filings, Mr. Bolbat replied, “Updates will be coming soon, Thanks.” We think this is what fueled the turn around after the initial selloff Thursday morning. Investors are gambling that whatever may be coming will be larger enough to warrant a valuation much larger than its current subpenny status. Only time will tell and we will be watching and ready to update via twitter (@PSInvestor_com) the latest status changes and news.  

About Strategic Asset Leasing (as listed on OTCMarkets)

Strategic Asset Leasing provides a wide range of financial services to support our customers throughout Canada and the United States. Our leasing plans enable companies to acquire, upgrade or replace equipment easily and economically, throughout Canada and the United States. Our services include, Asset Backed equipment leases across a variety of credit levels.

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