Code Green Apparel (OTC: CGAC) Releases 1st Tweet in 18 Months, Shareholder Update Coming This Week

  • Progress with Filings/Going Current
  • Speculation of Shareholder Update This Week
  • Off 90% from November Highs

Friday’s opening bell tweet, from the company (@CodeGreenCorp) marked its first since July of 2017, sparking some early interest from investors in the morning but fell quiet come mid-day. The company closed at .014 / .015 on over 100k shares. Code Green had gone sub-penny with a bid of .008’s earlier last week but looks to have turned the corner as speculative investors scooped some cheap shares ahead of the highly anticipated shareholder letter this week.

Its always exciting to find dormant companies many investors have forgotten about and ride the potential news cycle or gamble the upcoming news may be significant. It’s a good sign too see a company utilize social media as a means to interact with both present and potential shareholders, especially with Twitter. Code Green has an impressive 7,975 followers –hopefully many will comeback and awaken the stock prior to and after the speculative shareholder update which stated positive stuff like “Great things ahead in 2019.”

The company touched on Filings, as it currently has a STOP SIGN with OTCMarkets and is would be a breath of fresh air to get back to current status. The company has been pretty consistent trading at .01+ and always has the potential to uplist to the QB if management wishes to go that route.

Some investors are anticipating more information in regards to an LOI released last year with a private company called ZOOMBANG. On August 29, 2018 Code Green Apparel signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire Zoombang Companies.  Zoombang makes protective gear for the sport, military/tactical, industrial, and medical marketplace.  What makes them special is their technology which incorporates polymers that stiffen on impact yet are lightweight and durable.  Imagine taking a sponge, putting it on top of your hand and smashing it with a mallet or even smashing your Apple iPhone. Crazy right? What if we told you, both your hand and phone were perfectly fine. Want crazier? What if we shot you with a .38 handgun at point blank range while wearing a bulletproof vest underlined with Zoombang’s impact technology and it left you without a scratch, bruise or mark of any kind. These were a couple of the exciting demonstrations that got accredited angel investors excited last month. See for yourself:

See iPhone YouTube Demo:

See .38 shot at point blank:

The Zoombang technology is where the long term monster growth will potentially come from and the finalization of the deal is imperative for the company. The applications for this disruptive material can range from football helmets to combat concussions which has plagued the sport, or to be worn under bulletproof vests by military or law enforcement. Can be worn under riot gear, knee pads, elbow pads, chest plates, helmets… by bomb squads, they possibilities are endless as this material has an uncanny ability to absorb tremendous impact offering priceless protection.

An intellectual property such as Zoombang’s could be worth millions or even a billion dollars depending on the successful implementation of the technology for various products. Armor Holdings Inc., a U.S. maker of military and heavy vehicles, Humvee armaments and soldier body armor, was purchased by London based BAE Systems plc for, for $88 a share, or $4.1 billion back in 2007. BAESF is a global defense, aerospace and security company with approximately 88,200 employees worldwide. The Group delivers a wide range of products and services for air, land, and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology solutions and support services.

Could We See a DIME Again?

Great question, although around the time of November news around Thanksgiving, the company was trading as high as .10/share, which would be a 600% gain from .015 to .105. News is coming again and with a small float of nearly 3 million shares and an outstanding share count of just 16.5M, this company has just a $247k market cap and is in our opinion very UNDERVALUED.

The company’s main source of revenue is selling uniform type apparel to large companies. The companies has not announced any of these since November 13, 2018 where they were working with a fast food chain. Mention of contracts could be addressed in this week’s shareholder letter… we shall see.

In our opinion, the real excitement lays in the future of Zoombang and both the potential military and sports contracts this revolutionary technology could bring. Getting this deal closed is imperative. We hope to see more investors jump in for the ride prior to the news and if the news is good, a bigger possible gain. Remember, the float is small, and anything could happen if momentum starts.

Disclosure: Owners of PSInvestors are LONG on the company and bought these shares on the open market. We reserve the right to buy more, hold or sell shares at any time.