Hello investors and welcome to another addition of our weekend report were we go over some of the latest stocks we have been discussing the prior week. I hope if any traders from or have friends and family in Texas, that you and your loved ones are recovering safely. Now lets talk pennies…

$OMVS… I think this is the week that investor anxiety comes to an end, the deal gets done and everything can move forward. What does that mean? Hopefully we see a gradual increase if not a spike in share price. As volatile as the pps (price per share) may be prior to the merger and after, it will be interesting to see what’s next? Some predict more contracts which is very possible based on a pic showing “property of US gov” on one of the bots, pic of a bot on the Microsoft campus, along with a video (now taken down) that may have had a logo on a bot that resembled a security firm up north. Investors love speculating, but until we see an 8K or official news, everything is just rumor. Other things that shall be nice to see is a potential up-list to the QX or even a name/ticker/cusip# change to better reflect RAD vs. On the Move. It shall be an interesting week. Oh and for those with anxiety the merger may not take place, the RAD CEO (Steve Reinharz) tweeted on 8/27/2017 at 2:41PM that the “possibility of merger Not happening is less than 0.01%.”

$OXISD… Well the company completed a 200:1 Reverse Merger and added the D at the end of the ticker symbol along with the name change of GT Pharma. The company will keep this symbol for 20 days. The merger between OXIS and GT Pharma is to take place in September. OXIS had hit a high of .12+ ($36+ post split) and had recentt pulled back to $5.80’s (under .02 pre split) but has recovered to the $11.60 range. One would think that the share price would re-challenge or break through the $36 mark (last months high) going into the final days prior to the merger. If that can happen, you have to admit, a 200% gain in 1 month’s time is nothing to complain about! There new CEO is a women with a great track record for bringing value into the company. Her last was acquired for nearly $1 billion.

$RMRK… What an interesting sub-penny this has been this past week, trading billions and billions of shares. Starting at .0001 ran to .0025 and has now settled in the .001 range. There are still a lot of unknowns with this ticker in which I will explain. First, at the moment… it is a clean shell. It was bought and considered an asset by The Crypto Company (a cryptocurrency company…yes one that deals with blockchain and bitcoin). Second, the fact that this type (hot sector) of a company owns it, it makes RMRK a true “speculation play” on what they may use this shell for or merge into it. Third, the team behind the crypto company is made up of some real ambitious, savvy, successful and educated men… thus, one of those things where people don’t care what the new company sells or does, they simply have blind faith in the leadership team, assuming these guys know how to make $$$. Fourth, the company is conveniently incorporated in the state of Nevada which has a new tax law in regards to dealings with blockchain. This makes the shell much more advantageous for a cryptocurrency type company to go into it, at least for tax purpose reasons if not anything else. Last, we know that Croe $CRCW will now be known as The Crypto Company according to the recent 8-25-17 filing and $RMRK is an asset of $CRCW and $CRCW has a bid of $2/share with no offer as they are not actively trading yet. Quite puzzling all of this is…isn’t it? Well, the puzzle pieces are slowly coming together and time will tell what exactly the plans are for $RMRK… but at this moment everything is mere speculation and speculation alone is enough cause this stock to trade billions of shares last week. Long investors pray for a bitcoin related company and have faith in the team. We will update our readers as we learn more. Bottom line is, $6.5 million in trading happened and it didn’t happen because people were talking it up on iHub message forums. Something bigger was involved. When bashing show up, to me it means they want your stock cheap or its being shorted. Looking like the hero and wasting your time bashing all day doesn’t make sense, unless there is some other financial incentive. These thoughts go for any company where bashers show up.

$SOUPQ… what a money maker this one was. SOUP who had the Q added a ways back when they entered chapter 11 protection, is a soup company made famous by the legendary sitcom SEINFELD. The show had an episode where they called the owner of a small soup restaurant the “Soup Nazi” with the famous saying “No soup for you!” Based on a real owner and company started in New York, the company had fallen on tough times even with its claim to fame from the Seinfeld episode. Last week, a group (call it a hostile takeover if you will) claimed to have control of 51% of the company and wanted to put new management in. Investors went berserk in hopes that new leadership will turn this company around. The company had went from .001’s to over .02 a share only to give back profits Friday, but is still holding over a penny!

Newsletter promos… so far just $BGFT has popped up on the radar.

What stocks are you liking and why? Feel free to comment below…


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  1. I do not know Uncle Fester personally, but to his defense he was telling friends of mine about $SIGO in the TEENS… if someone buys it or anything for that matter after it runs up 1500%, they put themselves at risk. I welcome anyone who can give me a heads up on something that can double, nevermind a 5 bagger or 10 bagger. I don’t know your situation with $SIGO, but you have to be careful with any stock that has climbed a lot already. Profit taking happens at some point.

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