TUESDAY MOVER: Flood play !! $CDVIQ located in Houston, Does Construction & Salvage

UPDATE: The stock is up over 100% and much more the last couple days. The destruction from hurricane Harvey puts them in a perfect position and location to see business surge and hopefully grab some government money/contracts to restore the area. Warning: they are in bankruptcy but still have 1000-5000 employees according to this image. Not bad for a stock around a penny. After calling and seeing the company # is not in service, assets were supposedly sold off in March… we question how the company if there are even any employees, can take advantage of this Harvey influx of $$$ situation… proceed with caution.

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  1. In our defense, our goal is to cover the hottest penny stocks at any moment in time, in which it was… but like any other media outlet, as new information develops, the story can change… no shares were bought or sold on our end, nor were we compensated to advertise/pump/promote the company. We will continue to provide info both good and bad on any penny stock in the near and distant future. If you got caught in the mess of this CDVIQ, you are not alone. The fact it ran 1000% will get ours and others attention to alert on it, but if there is NO company, our readers deserve to know that too. As Kenny Rogers says “you got to know when to hold’em know when to run.”

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