Sub-Penny $IFXY Climbs 100% On Tuesday Trading 903 Million Shares

In my years following penny stocks, I have found there is something about sub-penny stocks every investor holds dear to their heart. Most of them can be very volatile, wide spreads, but every once in a while you can catch one that returns big gains on a run to a penny or more. Infrax Systems Inc was the latest Tuesday, October 24th to start a run.
  • Run to a penny means 1250% gains
  • CEO has goals to uplist to OTCQB
  • No R/S in near future
  • Company Holds 3 Patents
  • Using Blockchain technology
Possible 10 bagger+?
A shareholder who goes by the iHub screen name ‘OCMillionaire’ recently wrote an email to the company’s CEO, Sam Talari ( Sam replied …”they are planning that route” in response to uplisting the stock to the QB which has a qualification of $0.01/share. Being that $IFXY closed at $0.0008, that would mean Infrax Systems would need to gain 1250% or 12.5x its current share price to reach a penny a share. Although an exert from the 10-20-2017 8K stated: 
The Company’s common stock is traded on the OTC Pink Market, operated by OTC Markets Group, a centralized electronic quotation service for over-the-counter securities. For more information about the OTC Pink Market, please see The Company expects that its common stock will continue to be traded on the OTC Pink Market. We may up list to OTCQB at appropriate time.
How soon are they planning if the “may” is the million dollar question.
So, when asked about the dreaded “REVERSE SPLIT” aka R/S… the reply was “NO”. So, with no reverse split to raise the share price, how will it get to a penny?
Speculation then arose as to how they will grow in valuation, with the most hype being about blockchain mentioning of a September 1st post on the company’s facebook page. Blockchain is usually mentioned with bitcoin but in this case it refers to the Infrax’s tech. (see post below)
3 patents were granted to IFXY 
– Patent # 6,1971,231 entitled “Secure Network Interface Card “ The network interface card has a universal Host Interface Board (HIB) with a wireless module functioning as a daughter board to the HIB. The HIB has a wireless radio in the 915 MHz spectrum which will be used for diagnostic testing, and has the capacity to be converted for Home Area Networking (HAN) at a later date. A wireless WAN module communicates with the HIB, and transmits data to the utility’s control center. The module uses ISM 2400 MHz spectrum and complies with IEEE 802.15.4 specifications. 

– Patent # 6,1971,297 entitled ” Smart Grid Mini Collector/Regenerator “ The invention is a self-contained network interface repeater that serves several functions and brings network intelligence and analytics to the closest point with the electric meters in an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI). The primary function of this unit is to manage and aggregate meter data from all meters in its cell and relay this data to Smart Grid Collectors. 

– Patent # 6,1971,286 entitled ” Smart Grid Collector/Concentrator Gateway “ The system includes a collector unit that is standalone, backward compatible and highly secured. The system provides a reliable smart grid gateway that will facilitate both Advanced Metering Infrastructure, as well as Distribution Automation. It is geared for utilities prospectively launching into the smart grid space either through AMI or Distribution automation and are looking to significantly enhance their communications capability in a cost effective manner. 
With limited info, but hopes of more future info from the company, this is the best assessment of the recent excitement in $IFXY we could find. If the company is serious about getting to .01, then there is plenty of upside from today’s recent close.
DISCLOSURE: was not compensated to write the above article, nor do they hold a position in the company at the present time. Please read our full disclaimer here.

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