$STSC Up 700% Today’s 8K Sheds Light Of More To Come

On November 2, 2017, Norris R. Harris, the Company’s controlling shareholder sold and assigned all 100 shares of Series A Preferred Stock (the “Control Stock”) of Start Scientific, Inc. (the “Company”) to OmniElite Holdings LLC (“OmniElite”), and OmniElite’s controlling shareholder Steven Lawrence Brickner for $35,000. The Control Stock is not convertible into common stock but collectively hold 1,000,000,000 voting rights, which amount represents 75.60% of the vote. The Control Stock is entitled to vote together with holders of common stock on all such matters upon which common stockholders may vote. As a result, Mr. Brickner and OmniElite now hold a controlling beneficial interest in the Company and may unilaterally determine the election of the Board and other substantive matters requiring approval of the Company’s stockholders. Article posted at .0008 (+.0007)


Mr. Brickner CEO Of Another Company

In researching Steve, we saw he is also associated with a company BD2 Ventures LLC also out of Lithia, Florida.


LinkedIn Bio

Steven Brickner…With over 20 years experience owning and operating multiple and diverse companies in a variety of markets, which include start ups and established companies, I have been involved in every aspect of a business. This includes developing and maintaining policies and procedures for operations, sales, safety, human resources, accounting, budgeting, planning, profit and loss and forecasting, along with legal and government regulatory agencies. I am very keen at identifying shortcomings or problem areas and areas of strategic planning to improve the company’s overall revenues, profits, efficiencies, and end customer satisfaction.


OmniElite Holdings and Subsidiaries

  • Dates Employed (2013 – Present)
  • Employment Duration4 yrs
  • LocationTampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

– Core business focuses on mergers and acquisitions for equitable positions using venture capital funds, thus managing assets that yield superior returns by specializing in buyouts, franchises, agencies, start ups, and recovering struggling or near financial bankrupt entities. The primary markets are in Brand Name Hospitality and Service Industry, Educational Finance for Military and Civilian, Real Estate Development and Property Management.
– Oversee any and all operations, accounting, budgeting and profitability of parent company and all subsidiaries.
– Develop and expand operations, where applicable, into multiple international markets.


Our Thoughts…

So, eventhough OmniElite Holdings will have CONTROL of what seems to be a deal company, OmniElite is NOT The asset, but the actually the facilitator in bringing in fresh air or via assets and/or companies to merge in. LOTTO play here… what will get merged in and how soon is the million dollar question. We will keep an eye on it for sure.


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