$GMUI Trying To Find Gold In VITA ; Hot New Crowd-Sourced Mobile App

Gold Mining USA, Inc. has changed its primary line of business in connection with its acquisition of VITA Mobile Systems – an app company that focuses on digital imaging and technology in mobile devices. Its first app release, called VITA, will make it easy to illustrate, record and share life’s events, creating an immersive crowd-sourced view of everyday life. The VITA community empowers its users to experience an event or view a location from a multitude of perspectives. By using a familiar and user friendly map to locate images and videos, users can easily view content as soon as it is created and share their favorites on their regular social media networks. VITA makes viewing life’s moments easier, faster, and more engaging.

  • New CBS Drama “Wisdom of the Crowd” uses similar tech to Vita Mobile Systems
  • Crowd Source Apps have sold for over $1 Billion
  • VITA App to launch anytime
  • Vita Mobile Systems intends to secure $2 million
  • Vita Mobile Systems recently acquired MR Processing, LLC
  • How Does It Work…What Does It Do?

Hit Show “Wisdom Of The Crowd”

The wild success of this TV drama only validates their application that is set to launch in the coming months. The new show “Wisdom of the Crowd” stars by Jeremy Pivens, who uses news crowdsourcing to help solve the murder of his daughter.  If you are intrigued by the storyline and wondering if this fictional depiction could actually work in real life then you might be excited to learn, there’s an app for that.  Vita Mobile systems has developed a geolocation collection node for pictures video and content.    

Google purchases Waze for $1.15 Billion

Waze started out as an Israel-based social navigation and traffic service.  The intent of the app was contributing for the “common good” of the road by improving the quality of everyone’s daily driving.  Essentially the company crowd sourced information and shared it regarding traffic information, accidents, and police traps.  It was launched in 2007 and has since evolved to over 100 million plus downloads worldwide.  In 2013 Google purchased Waze for $1.15 Billion.  Waze has over 65 million active users in 185 countries.  Its geolocation data has become crucial for hyperlocal marketing strategies. 


Vita Mobile Systems intends to secure $2 million in its second round of funding which will be utilized on final development and marketing of its new social media mobile app VITA. Based on the Company’s success to date, this round should be completed near a $30 million pre-money valuation.

MR Processing, LLC

Vita Mobile Systems recently acquired MR Processing, LLC, a business that has developed proprietary algorithms, traffic aggregation protocols and other related app and internet technologies, which have driven the Company’s valuation to where it is today. Based on the early success of these algorithms and technologies in generating viral and organic growth, MR Processing, LLC raised $150K in its first angel round of private financing and an additional $550K before being acquired by GMUI. Since the close of the acquisition, GMUI has secured an additional $130K of operational funding.The 

App Launch

On October 5th, (GMUI) stated their VITA app is currently scheduled for launch in the coming months, and we plan to issue regular updates on the company’s progress. As per the October 16th PRESS RELEASE, It has also entered itself into the final stages of beta testing. Additionally, we are in the process of winding down and discontinuing the remaining operations GMUI had in mining. Going forward, GMUI’s business will be solely dedicated to Vita Mobile Systems.

How the App works

The app has a camera and also allows a user to take a picture upload from a photo album.  So instead of using the camera app users might eventually start using the Vita Camera.  Regardless of what they use to take pictures the concept is that everything is easily up loadable and by uploading they are serving a higher purpose by contributing to the VITA community. After they take the picture they would select an emoji for the upload similar to the Waze app.  This simple tweak in user habits should make adoption seamless and easy.  The user is anonymous to the rest of the world and that anonymity breaks down one of the primary barriers of sharing content.  Think about the free discourse of speech on chat boards when you are anonymous.  The app makes sure your picture is geo tagged and time stamped using Google Maps Platform.  Then the algorithms get to work categorizing and classifying the pictures and videos for future use.  

What the App Does

Supplementing typical social media habits, getting a pictorial representation in real time of events happening in certain locations is the primary objective.  The map based interface allows users to zoom in on emoji’s that represent different events like a happy face for something good a sad face for something bad, or symbols for a fire or accident.  Everyone seems to document car accidents and witnesses but there is no home for this data.  This is a dream come true for insurance companies as they could go back and view all the geotagged evidence.  These pieces of captured content don’t have a home on current social media, but they do on VITA. 

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