$DSGT Nearly Doubles As Orlando’s PGA Show Nears — Introducing 4 New Products

Shares of DSG Global Inc. today closed at $0.0043 +0.002 (+86.96%) on 26,096,564 shares traded, nearly 2.5x its average 30 day volume. Investor forums are buzzing, as shareholders are hoping for big things from the upcoming PGA show.

The PGA Show

This year’s show in Orlando will commence Tuesday January 23rd through Friday the 26th. DSGT invites shareholders to come see them at booth #2457 at the PGA show and enter for a chance to win a Fairway Rider G3. Here’s what the show offers.


  • Over 1,100 Interactive Exhibits – Meet face-to-face with golf merchandise manufacturers & distributors to find the latest products for your facility or pro shop.
    Network with Industry Leaders – The PGA Merchandise Show gathers 40,000+ industry leaders, representing 74 countries, to get you that perfect new contact.
    Grow Your Business and Profits – Make sure your business is on the cutting edge with the newest technology, products, equipment and more.
    Education Sessions – Improve and reinforce your golf business knowledge through 1 of our 3 new education tracks, including: Executive Management, Teaching & Coaching and Golf Operations.


The Latest Shareholder Letter

Over the past few weeks, we have taken steps to transform the company, from recruiting new executive personnel, developing new products, expanding our distribution, recapitalizing the company and remediating our company debt. We have retained a group of professionals to assist us in our business and corporate restructuring and should have some exciting news to release over the next couple of months as well.

In a few short weeks, I will be introducing you to additions to our executive management team consisting of proven business executives in the areas of marketing, sales, business development, finance, engineering and manufacturing. The company is establishing its foundation before committing to the human resources necessary to grow the company. Some of these new key executives will be accompanying me to the PGA Show in Orlando Florida at the end of this month, as well as investor presentations we are lining up in New York that will be held early February. We will be meeting with Investment Bankers that invest primarily in tech companies on NASDAQ and the NYSE. These quality investors usually look beyond the current company state with an eye on the opportunity, and the company has committed its resources to presenting to these quality investors our business opportunity that we believe our products, our technology and our market focus on improving the golf industry. We are one of the only companies focusing exclusively on new and innovative technologies to be used in the sport of golf at the end user level and have adapted our technology into existing golf related products.”

The company has also started identifying potential acquisitions of existing profitable companies, whose products and services complement our company and could help further grow our business, expanding our clientele and market reach in our core target markets. The competencies of these companies include U.S. manufacturing and metal fabrication, complimentary product offerings and golf marketing and sales groups focusing on private golf clubs, public courses, major recreation areas and the like. The company cannot guarantee that any of these potential transactions will come to fruition, but we are working hard to expand our in-house capabilities in order to serve the demand we believe we will face this year.
2017 was dedicated to building our initial foundation of products, restructuring the company for the future, and the development of a strong business model that we believe will move the company forward quickly and bring value to all involved. 2018 is the year of execution and I am dedicated to make this a successful company.

Bob Silzer, CEO, “I want to sincerely thank all of you who have and continue to support the company for taking the time to understand the value proposition we as a company offer to the markets, and I look forward to continuing to provide transparency and shareholder updates to you aside from required disclosures and press releases.”

The Fairway Rider G3

Endorsed and used by Eamonn Darcy, Ryder Cup winner 1987 and European Seniors Tour player.
Take to the course in style and comfort with this golf scooter. Its revolutionary design offers a single-seat ride-on buggy that can carry you around quickly. A simple to operate design means that this battery powered golf buggy can help your round with ease. Its foldable design means that it’s easy to transport.

The good-looking buggy appeals to members, guests, visitors and societies alike, as it speeds up play with minimal course damage.
The Disabled Golf Society approved, cart can deal with hilly terrain with ease and can do two rounds of golf off a single charge.


TAG Golf

DSGT plans on introducing both the New Infinity 12.1″ & 7″ HD Screen and The New 3G/LTE TAG devices. TAG is the golf industry’s only modular system starting with the TAG control unit. You can review the powerful tool kits of the TAG control unit for security, pace of play, geo-fencing, detailed activity reporting and much more. If you are looking to improve the customer experience the TAG System has two display options that can be tailored to fit any budget.

Whether Municipal, Daily Fee, Private Club, or Destination Resort the TAG can help lower your operating costs, increase safety & security, and help improve your bottom line. A Fleet Solutions Specialist is available in your area to help you build the perfect solution for your facility.
The TAG system works 24/7/365, when it’s not helping you manage your fleet and improve your operation, it’s protecting against theft and vandalism after hours. Find out how a 20 minute demo can change the way you think about Fleet Management.



DSG GLOBAL INC. (DSGT) is one of the new breed of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies that are dominating the IT industry. DSGT provides electronic tracking systems fleet management solutions and mobile digital data for players. Our clients are using DSGT’s patented technology to significantly reduce costs, increase safety and enhance customer satisfaction. DSGT has historically focused on the golf industry, where golf course operators manage their fleet of golf carts, turf equipment, and utility vehicles remotely using DSGT’s SaaS Technology. DSGT is now addressing the PACE OF PLAY problems that exist on golf courses today and introducing the new electric single fairway rider G3 to the golf industry. The new Fairway Rider G3 will be equipped with the patented 3G/LTE tag for tracking and the new 7″ Infinity. DSG Global is also introducing the new Infinity 12″. DSGT is aggressively branching into several revenue streams, through programmatic advertising, licensing, distribution, commercial fleet management and agricultural applications.


Investor Summary

The volume and share price has been rising on anticipation of this PGA show to give it’s new products (4 of them to be exact) a public stage infront of the golf world. These trade shows show a trend in helping microcap companies. Example: $SRMX at the CES EXPO in Vegas a few weeks ago, secured a deal with AT&T. I fully expect $DSGT to do the same and secure some nice deals this week at the PGA EXPO. This is not a sub penny company, but unfortunately trading there at the moment. DSGT has a 52 week high of .58 and just bounced off it’s 52 week low. DSGT is also an OTC:QB and would like to maintain and regain that .01 price tier again. Share structure is… only 173.3 mil O/S which is confirmed in the recent S1. https://www.otcmarkets.com/edgar/GetFilingPdf?FilingID=12485473 The company holds 2 patents, its products are used at 225 golf courses and growing and again, with 4 new products to market and showcase at this event, one can only hope for more exciting news of potential contracts. The PR machine seems to be ramped up as news releases have been flowing. Stay tuned.


Disclosure: PSInvestor.com holds NO position in the company nor has it been compensated for the article.

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