$CCLX – CableClix Begins Alpha Testing Personalized Online TV App

CableClix Begins Alpha Testing Personalized Online TV App

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LOS ANGELESJuly 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CableClix (USA), Inc., (OTCPK:CCLX) opens up its online TV app to alpha testers today, who will give feedback on the app’s innovative features and design. This select group of users from across the US will give vital feedback on their experience directly to the team. The CableClix team – using Agile methodology to rapidly deploy new features with continuous delivery – will turn these invaluable insights into new features and improved design.

The alpha testing forms just one part of CableClix’s user-led design process, which is underpinned by extensive user research on cable-cutting habits, TV viewing habits and media consumption issues. CableClix is pioneering the evolution of online TV by creating the first lean-back online TV experience, which gives audiences more viewing time, delivered as uninterrupted play of highly personalized content.

Cauri Jaye, CableClix Chief Product Officer, said: “CableClix is carving out a unique place in the online TV market by designing an experience around viewer’s maturing palettes. TV streaming is now a well-established part of living rooms across the US, and viewers want choice beyond just more and more content.”

CableClix combines big data with AI (artificial intelligence) to perfect the personalization of TV content, and capture valuable data that tracks rapidly-changing viewer behavior in the global online TV streaming market.

CableClix launches this entirely personalized online TV experience to a larger beta group in the fall. Join the waitlist at http://www.cableclix.com/itspersonal

About CableClix

CableClix is an innovative ‘cord cutting’ company that builds virtual cable networks over the Internet that mimic existing cable television franchises by providing live streaming television services. The Company was formed in 2013 to be a leading provider of high definition streaming television over broadband connections. Our goals remain as they were at our inception; deliver quality television programming in high and ultrahigh definition, including local network content, directly to the local consumer, on nearly any device, at any time.

Find out more about CableClix (USA), Inc at http://www.cableclix.com


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