Hello investors. Hope many of you are enjoying the first week of the NFL and your team of choice gets the W. As hurricane Irma is battering residents of Florida, we wish family and friends of the area a safe next couple of days… you are in our prayers. The weather may affect trading to an extent, but by no means will the markets shut down… business as usual. Here is some of the companies that are buzzing this weekend:

$AZFL… SUB PENNY $0.0042 Amazonas Florestal has a very passionate shareholder base and today was day 110 of 110 for the first 100 acres of “HEMP” harvest. A drone is flying the property next week to show the investors more property…  There is NO DOUBT this one has moved nicely over the last couple of weeks and many feel this is just the start! Great DD can be found here. >> https://t.co/pzvN6ldi9N

other hemp tickers include $CBIS, whom are buzzing, they have a 250 acre hemp project going on,  $HEMP.

$MLFB… $0.19 (SPECIAL ALERT) We have been following Major League Football since its break out day back in early July. We have been lucky enough to do an interview with the CEO later that month in attempt to shed some light with what exactly is going on with the company. Now, the company has been dead, dormant, quiet on the PR side since August of 2016.  We noticed some 8K filings and that 10Qs and K were asked for an extension. In the 8K’s they talk of a move to a different address, which we was told was going to save the company money, and also a brand new LOGO will be revealed… thus what CEO Jerry Craig had said in his interview… this is a total REBOOT of the company. Its Football Season… It was a dead company now reborn, new CEO that put his own money into backing the company, Website reveal anytime and a company tweet from a week or so ago told players and coaches to get ready for more team info. All these things are brewing and we believe this is a great time to take a serious look at the only publicly traded professional sports league. MLFB is a developmental football league, comparable to the CFL (Canadian Football League). MLFB had issues and missed an entire season, but they are back! Stay tuned!

$ONCI… $0.0092 ON4 Communications Announces Major $1,200,000 New Contract on Friday. The chart since the beginning of the month is gorgeous…. climbing over 300% from the .003 mark. Lots of excitement and positive stuff coming this week and the near future… here is a great DD post on what’s upcoming.

$IDNG… $0.015 RedHawk Holdings Corp., formerly Independence Energy Corp., is a diversified holding company which, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in sales and distribution of medical devices, sales of branded generic pharmaceutical drugs, commercial real estate investment and leasing, sales of point of entry full-body security systems, and specialized financial services. Midweek news of them increasing interest in Ecogen started the run from .006 to now .015 (a 150% gain).

$SOUPQ… $0.0235 Soupman Inc. has plenty of eyes on this one as it has been one of the best gainers the past 30 days… if it falls to the .015 range, look for a bounce and push back into the .02’s.

$OMVS… $0.1065 Love the company, but she is tired. There was NO NEWS all week and has found a trading level around a dime ($0.10). Based on this, we feel the company is due for NEWS and depending just “how good” the news is… it can potentially recreate some well needed positive gains.


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