$VMCI iCoreConnect Files Multiple Form 4’s – Is Something Brewing?

We recently talked about VMCI (read here) and their transition to iCoreConnect back when it was up 700% to 0.0008 a share. The company not has maintained their gains but are sitting at 0.0016 up another 100% from our initial report. VMCI is also one a handful of companies we spoke about yesterday (read here) that are apart of the growing trend in “reducing shares” of the company. The company has recently went from having 2 billion shares authorized to just 600 million; a reduction of 70%!

This is not all that has us wondering what may be going on. On November 8th, the company filed 3 form 4’s in which management purchased restricted common shares:

  • Jeff Wayne Stellinga 150,000 shares at .0012
  • Samuel B. Fortnbaugh III 180,000 shares at .0012
  • Donald B. Douglas 180,000 shares at .0012

On paper, in principal, this looks great when the executive management team buys into restricted stock. Hey, they are in for the long haul right? The funny thing is when you break out the calculator. When the math is done, the transactions are $180, $216 & $216 respectively. Granted if a few hundred dollars were laying on the ground we would all jump at the opportunity to pick it up and put it in our pockets, but we have to ask ourselves…why so little?

Something may be up, especially if we see more future form 4’s. The company has not put out official NEWS in a while, at least the type of press that is picked up by financial sites such as otcmarkets.com. The best way to follow their recent news is through the companies website at www.icoreconnect.com where their latest was October 18, 2017. You have to give the company credit as they are moving forward with their new business focus in that of iCoreConnect, and their share price has followed- .0001 to .0016 is a whopping 1,500%…even if it eased back from yesterday’s high of .0036 (3,500% at that point)

We will continue to monitor the company and share with our readers future developments.


About iCoreConnect

iCoreConnect creates cloud-based software that allows anyone to share information at the highest levels of security, backed by highly-responsive customer support. The company provides secure communications for high-compliance industries including healthcare, finance and legal. iCoreConnect’s software allows organizations and individuals to freely and easily exchange information with 2048-bit encryption, and in full compliance of current federal laws.

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