$TTCM Rises 84.6% On 20x Their 30 Day Average Volume On Wednesday

With no news, shareholders are assuming it has to deal with patents, or there is accumulation going on by insiders or persons in the know. No matter what, somebody wanted shares today and they were gobbled up. Could NEWS be imminent? We shall see. It’d definitely worth keeping on your radar as things started moving around 1:30 PM EST by the looks of the chart below. (Special thanks to Wishmaster on Twitter for the screen shot)

Business Description (website= www.tautachrome.com)

Tautachrome is an Internet technology development company with operations in America and Australia. Tautachrome, which has revolutionary patents pending, including Talk-to-Picture social networking and trustable imagery-based interaction, is now forging forward with developments aimed at providing businesses and governments with advanced trusted imaging capabilities and providing consumers worldwide with image -based communications. The Company’s top priority is developing its branded KlickZie platform which will turn smartphones into trustable imagers meaning they are capable of capturing pictures and videos that can be verified as original, untampered and un-photoshopped. Furthermore the KlickZie platform will serve as the world’s first imagery-based social portal network. By clicking or touching a KlickZie’d image, a user will be able to communicate with the image’s author or any other viewers anywhere in the world who may be viewing the imagery.

DISCLAIMER/DISCLOSURE: PSInvestor has NO position, nor were compensated to mention the above company.

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