THURSDAY Mid-Day REPORT: $SIGO +130%, $OMVS GREEN, $OTTV Update, Bitcoin Climbing

Hello Investors, 2PM EST Mid-Day report on Thursday for a few companies we have been following.

  1. $SIGO ($0.30 +0.17 +130.77%) at the moment. NEWS out this morning in regards to their 1st cannabis harvest, and how the company wishes to expand. Company hopes to have revenues of $200/square foot and has a share structure of 50 million OS and a 4 mil float.
  2. $OTTV (0.0028 +0.0004 (16.67%) Significant negotiations with 4 note holders will hold off “converting” stock for cash for at least 60 days. This will help with the upward movement if continued buy interest persists. 
  3. $OMVS 0.18940.0259 (15.84%) still strong… No 10Q yet.
  4.  Bitcoin is up… this has helped the sector as all crypto-currency stocks are green.

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