$RMRK +500% on Tuesday on 1 Billion+ Shares Traded… Here Is Some DD Speculation Fueling The Rise!

Tuesday’s volume 1,076,229,561… $RMRK Price: $0.0006 + $0.0005 (+500%)

RMRK DD by Grolden on iHub (special thanks for your DD efforts)

First I found this in CRCW filing, that showed up for the first time on yesterdays 10Q.


CRCW is listed as Croe, Inc. But as we can see below through the 8ks,
form 4s, and Nvsos we see that Croe, Inc was supposed to IPO this year,
and before it did The Crypto Company merged in.







There are a Lot of Big Names involved with The Crypto Company

Rafe Furst Cofounder of Crowdfund


Beginning in Silicon Valley in the mid 1990s, Rafe has founded, invested in and advised dozens of startups, including Internet Sports Network, Expert Insight, Full Tilt Poker and Crowdfunder. Along the way, he’s won multiple awards for video production and cancer prevention, and raised millions of dollars for charitable causes.

While at Crowdfunder, Rafe created and managed the first-ever index fund for early stage venture capital. His other fintech innovations include the Personal Investment Contract and various Invest-it-Forward vehicles.

Rafe is currently the Chief Investment Officer at The Crypto Company, the first publicly trading company dedicated entirely to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain as an emerging investable asset class.


James Gilbert Cofounder of Spring Me and Jump On It


Jump On It makes founders overnight millionaires

Spring Me was acquired by Nasdaq IAC (trading at $105.31)


Ron Levy (DD by Robza)


CEO Michael Poutre Has Been Setting Up Companies In Other States


Also Interesting is James Gilbert and Rafe Fursts other new Comapny “Economic Space Agency”, who has an ICO Coming this fall.



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