ONE TO WATCH: $CRTC DEEP GREEN Waste & Recycling, LLC Reverse Merges with Critic Clothing, Inc

I am not here to hype that this sub-penny at the moment is a “hurricane Irma” play, or anything, but penny stock investors LOVE sub-pennies and I want to share the research I found out on this recent “reverse merger”. Based in Georgia (southern east coast), if the hurricane causes significant damage, there will be plenty of waste and things to recycle. I mean… it can’t hurt business.

So, I had the pleasure of speaking with Max Khan (investor relations @ 646-889-3947) to get more information and clarification on the reverse merger. Here is what I found out.

The stock is currently trading at .0001/.0002 and will have an outstanding share count of 100 BILLION shares. 85 BILLION of that are restricted and were given to DEEP GREEN. Approximately 1.67 BILLION are OLD shareholders of record and 13.3 BILLION were given to a NOTE HOLDER to take care of a $200,000 debt. I was told the note holder is friendly and wants to see the company do well, but they do have the ability to sell shares at will unfortunately.

Ok, the good stuff is DEEP GREEN is said to have 10-11 million in organic revenues this year. Revenues have grown 50% a year the last 2 years, so GROWTH is happening. They are looking to acquire more waste related companies in the near future to continue their growth strategy. The company currently has 19 full time employees and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Paperwork has been filed with FINRA for a name and ticker change. DEEP GREEN is also in the midst of doing a 1000:1 REVERSE SPLIT that will all be reflected in the next 2-14 days.

About the company… taken from their website:

Our goals are aligned with those of the property manager. We provide cost-effective and efficient service of the waste equipment. Unlike a hauler who will be continually incentivized to over-service a property to get the greatest return on their equipment, DEEP GREEN seeks to reduce costs and only makes money when we save our customers money.


What we do:

  • We are waste and recycling professionals.
  • We contract with and manage the haulers.
  • We do not own trucks or landfills and therefore…

                   ~ we are not motivated to run trucks unnecessarily and…
                   ~ we are not motivated to send unnecessary waste to landfills.

  • We manage your property’s waste and recycling for you with no additional cost.
  • We let you take advantage of our buying power with our network of haulers to get the best possible prices.
  • We survey your property and create a customized waste and recycle program.
  • We can bill tenants directly or assist you with CAM reconciliations.

Benefits include:

  • Increased recycling on properties – you are instantly ‘greener’
  • Tenants call us directly; so your phone doesn’t ring for waste issues.
  • We are the sole interface with the hauler.
  • Reporting to determine your properties production
  • Decreased liability due to fewer trucks on premises
  • No long-term contracts
  • Better merchant/tenant rates
  • Happy Customers
  • You look brilliant because you have saved money and have a better service!

Disclaimer:/Disclosure: PSInvestor does NOT hold a position in the company at this moment nor were we compensated to write this article or publicize this information.

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