On The Move $OMVS Is Movin’ Again On 10Q Anticipation

OMVS was one of the first companies PSInvestor covered this past summer while the anticipation of the exciting merger with Robotic Assistance Devices aka “RAD” was in the works. Investors took kindly to the news, that the holding company was going to acquire/reverse merge with an artificial intelligence security robot company. After 3 spikes over as many months, shares reached a high of 0.288 anticipation peaked, but by time the finalization of the merger was complete on August 31st, the company had slid back to the teens. Many investors had sold on news or even prior to that, some even figure the price of the stock already reflected the merger between both OMVS and RAD. The slide continued as longs moved on, the merger was complete, big contract news slowed and the stock bottomed in the low 0.04’s on October 12th. Even though the ease back in price happened, there are many longs that are staying the course due to the potential and leadership of the company. Since then, OMVS has slowly found its legs and die-hard longs are cheering again, as Friday hit an inter-day high of 0.11 a share and closed at 0.095 (more than a double in the last 2 weeks). Monday close at 0.0889
Here is why the longs are still long and optimistic:
  • RAD Steve Reinharz communicates via twitter and respected for his transparency
  • Anticipated 10Q may reveal more info on “the greatest day in RAD history
  • Recently added a 2nd major partner in the Security Guard sector
  • Artificial Intelligence is the future
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Meet Steve Reinharz
Steve is the Founder and CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD), where he oversees the development, sales and marketing, and strategic vision for the company. Reinharz has more than 20 years of experience in various facets of the high-tech industry — as the founder of security integration firm Security Zone, Inc., and a strategic leader at global enterprises. Reinharz has extensive knowledge of a diverse portfolio of technologies, developing practical, effective solutions for end-user customers. As CEO of RAD, Reinharz leverages his extensive knowledge and interest in robotics and artificial intelligence to design and develop robotic solutions that increase business efficiency and deliver cost savings. Reinharz is a native of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and attended the University of Western Ontario, where he earned dual bachelor of science degrees in political science and commercial studies.

Follow him on Twitter: @SteveReinharz …this is where investors have fallen in love with his style and gained rock star status. Steve is active with his tweets and often responds to shareholders. There were times that the company had an amazing day in the market, not due to a strong press release, but an optimistic tweet from Mr. Reinharz. Ive always been impressed with Steve’s ability to utilize twitter in order to interact with shareholders instead of the old school way of 8K’s and press releases. I feel more CEO’s need to get on board with this trend.

Most famous tweet “…greatest day in RAD history”
Longs remember this day clearly. Some shareholders are anticipating the upcoming 10Q may shed more light on this tweet being the tweet came on a day during the quarter of the anticipated 10Q. Many would love to assume it was contract related. Some have asked even, where are those big contracts post merger? Great question. One thing to ponder is, not every large company grants the use or OK’s the ability to use their name in a press release and maybe a filing can reveal something. 
Recent Partnership Announced… Now 2 Major Ones In The Security Guard Business
RAD will make its S5 Security Guard Robot available to members of PSA Security Network, the world’s largest systems integrator cooperative made up of the most progressive security and audio-visual integration firms in North America.

PSA Security Network encompasses more than 400 branch locations, employing more than 7,500 industry professionals, with more than $4.5 billion annually in security, fire, life safety and pro audio-visual installations. By leveraging the power of the PSA Security Network, RAD will expand the geographic reach of the innovative S5 Security Guard Robot solution while allowing PSA members to gain access to the rapidly growing artificial intelligence market.

This paired with the June 2nd agreement to work with Allied Universal, whom are the largest guarding company in the United States, recognizes that by adding the use of RAD’s security robots, users can be positively influenced by decreasing the number of “dangerous” posts by human guards and thereby reducing liability for organizations.

“We believe that the versatility of your security robots, particularly the all-terrain capability and advanced electronics allowing integration into our client’s existing security systems, allows us to offer supplemental security services that will significantly benefit our customers,” said Mark McCourt, Vice President, Enterprise Security Systems, Allied Universal Services.

The partnership of humans and robots creates numerous advantages when it comes to providing security. The patrolling capabilities of RAD’s robots and their responsiveness provide human guards with an increased ability to detect intrusion. Additionally, security robots can free up human security guards by manning dangerous or undesirable locations, such as toxic waste plants. This then yields higher cost savings for a company, as insurance costs and labor will decrease.

“Our expectation is that within a few years security robots will be an important piece of security operations for clients that have needs of more than guards at any given location,” McCourt said.

Artificial Intelligence Is The Future Of Growth

Increases in capital and labor are no longer driving the levels of economic growth the world has become accustomed to and desires. Fortunately, a new factor of production is on the horizon, and it promises to transform the basis of economic growth for countries across the world.

To read more of this 27 page report on AI please visit: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/_acnmedia/PDF-33/Accenture-Why-AI-is-the-Future-of-Growth.pdf


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