$MLFB Major League Football, Inc. UP BIG Today (+367%) and We May Know Why!

Leading the creation and turnaround of a development football league with a group of dynamic and talented professionals driven to make a difference at the “only” publicly traded professional sports league in the world.

NO board posts… No NEWS…  So what is going on? Why is it up 100% and hit 367% midday when it was 0.22.

Here is what I found:

  • An 8K was posted in early July. There is a NEW CEO by the name of Jerry C. Craig. The older CEO Mr. Queen has stepped down. New CEO, new ideas, new connections, new contacts… new blood?
  • I went to their website www.MLFB.com and see that their site is going to launch AUG 2017. Always seem to be something about the anticipation of a launch.
  • Company was trading at rock bottom .06 a share after trading much higher in the past, with the O/S of 54,734,301 and a small float of 11+ million… their market cap is only about $3.3 million (based at .06) which is tiny for a WHOLE LEAGUE. You have to think with from tick sales, sponsors and advertising that there has to be decent revenues.

Here is CEO Jerry C Craigs’ LinkedIn BIO:

I am an accomplished C-Executive in the Financial and Operations space. My breadth of executive experience comes from successfully building businesses while controlling and protecting the business from sales and regulatory pressure. I have a deep understanding of the technical knowledge of compliance and I have mastered the essential marriage between sales and operations by maintaining a visionary perspective without losing my contact with the day to day operations. I tend to lead with charisma and example and empower those I manage to create a professional culture of integrity and hard work. I am unafraid to face difficult decisions and provide necessary feedback to “prune and move on.” The following a quick list of what I have brought to the table in the past:

• Develop and implement infrastructure for rapid growth.
Demonstrated key skills include.
• Strategic planning and budgeting in a rapidly-changing environment.
• Multi-national experience in Marketing and planning.
• Complex revenue models and strategic alliances.
• Hands-on accounting (including revenue recognition), cash management and financial reporting/analysis.

Specialties: Proficient in Marketing, Finance/accounting, Private Equity, banking, strategic planning, P&L management (start-up, expansion, and consolidation), analysis, infrastructure design, acquisition planning and integration. Proven strategic thinker and team builder creates a positive, very high energy environment and culture that sustains results to drive optimal shareholder value. Has a solid track record of developing high performance teams that consistently deliver excellent business results.

Disclosure: PSinvestor neither LONG nor compensated for this article.



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