8-20-2017 WEEKEND REPORT: We Look at $OMVS, $OXIS, $STBV, Bitcoin and Promos

Hello readers, I hope everyone had a great weekend. I enjoyed some great sunny weather in my neck of the woods, Red Sox/Yankee baseball, but recently saddened by the today’s new of the loss of comedic actor and long time MDA spokeman Jerry Lewis. Jerry died at 91 years of age, did the MDA telethon for 61 years straight until I believe 2013 in which he helped raise $2.6 billion for the cause during his Labor Day specials. He first started over the radio in NY with fellow “rat packer” Dean Martin in 1952 after a staff member pleaded with them to help out. Over the years the charity campaigns grew and grew. Not a fan of oldies, but I will always remember him as the original “Nutty Professor”, a movie classic that is sure to entertain you and make you smile. Thank you Mr. Lewis for your dedication, talent and contribution…and may you Rest in Peace. With that said… lets look at some STOCKS!!

$OMVS…the one many of my readers continue to track and wait patiently to see explode. Unfortunately, the delay of the merger with RAD has caused tremendous volatility in the stock week to week which has caused long term holder’s hair to go grey and short term traders to smile as they flip in and out of the stock. Friday, OMVS closed in the .17’s (52 week high “done recently” was .288) so here or even where I feel is basement at .14-.15, the company is soon to bounce as the announced extension date draws closer and closer. Contract announcements prior to the actual merger news will not hurt either. One would think that with close and future contracts, the company should reach .288 and beyond near term. Like with investing in anything, you pick your price points, get a position and hope for the best. Many of our readers are hoping or have sideline money waiting for the right price point to jump back in and ride the next wave.

$OXIS…if you have been following OMVS, this is a similar situation possibly brewing. No they are are not into building security robots, but are a company that has announced a merger/acquisition well in advance of the close date. Due to the “in well advance” part caused OMVS to have 3-4 chart spikes over a 3 month period. OXIS who’s merger is set to happen sometime in September is now cooling down in the .06’s after a strong run spike to .12+. OXIS was only about .017 around July 3rd, 2017 when the initial news was released, but as the date draws closer (like OMVS) the share price spikes and as investors realize there is still a ways to go, they sell and hop on the next hot one, only to jump back in again before the merger close. What I am saying is… once OXIS settles down (if lucky in the .04’s) there will be another run and if OMVS trading is an example… each spike it climbs higher. OXIS initial spoke got to .12’s so the upside from an entry point .04-.06 makes a solid “swing trade” for those willing to hold and wait through September. At these price levels, the company market cap is $9.1 million. The new CEO to be (will hold position after the merger) last co-founded a company that potentially will be purchased for up to $1 billion. I love these situations because I am a firm believer that the CEO knows what will drive value into the company and has the skills and connections to grow her new company exponentially… thus reflecting the future price per share. If the CEO can only grow the company to 10% of her old one, that’s still a valuation of $100 million… 10x the level we are at now. The company has multiple patents on certain drugs, and just need a few to work well and gain national interest. The new CEO must see the potential in certain meds along with ones they are working on in order to want to move forward with the merger.

$STBV…the hot stock weeks ago that came out with PR after PR of ICO’s and TROPTIONS in the cryptocurrency arena was suspended by the SEC for 2 weeks. Shares traded again Friday on the GREY SHEETS. Grey sheets do not have market maker support most times and one has to call in the order with their broker and ask to hear what the bid and offer may be at the moment. FYI… its not where a company wants to be trading. Everyone knew the stock was going to trade/open wayyy down, and it did as 1 investor sold their 34,000 shares at .0001 but later saw trades going off at the .03 cent level. Some may call this stock a train wreck, where one can’t help but look and see what happens like myself. I will continue to update on the company in the future as it is an interesting story.

BITCOIN STOCKS… As I write this… the price is a hair under $4200 and the volatility has eased on Bitcoin, but is holding the recent gains and is maintaining this price level very well. Bitcoin stocks have eased back also, but still are trading much higher than where they were about 10 days ago, yet on average 1/2 the price of their peaks early last week. Like cannabis stocks, and or any other “sector” for that matters, to fuel the sector red hot again, it will need strong national/global news.

Weekend Promos… What are the Newsletters mailing?

$DDXSQ leads the way with 5 email newsletters going out on it, followed by $HUGE and $NXXGF both with 1.


DISCLOSURE: Always be sure to read our DISCLAIMER and we have NOT been compensated to mention any of the above mentioned companies nor do we hold a position in any of them at the moment.

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