Happy Sunday to all my faithful followers and a special welcome to any new readers out there. Lots of exciting stuff to look forward on Monday with Bitcoin breaking $4000 over the weekend, anticipated mergers and even some promotion. So lets dive in.

$OMVS… yeah yeah we talk about it every weekend but we still haven’t gotten that anticipated MERGER news everyone is expecting. Yes the price is most likely reflecting the merger going through and Steve I believe said we are at 99% now up from 98.75% and 98.25%, but there is just something absolute when you see it DONE! Done also brings on news of contracts, and possible name changes, maybe CUSIP and Ticker change, etc. The overall consensus on the message boards is that big contracts are on the works, these will surely help the price per share. Recent tweet from RAD CEO also shows that they are sharing the same office as smpRobotics which is quite interesting being that SMP is still private, hmmm maybe down the line we can “merge” them in too rather than IPO. Company also has a potential to up-list and with its future revs & shareholder base… they are just PPS (price per share) away from getting to the larger markets. I believe the stock price has eased as impatient shareholders were concerned with merger announcement delays. The long, faithful and optimistic have been happy to add or accumulate more at these levels. Regardless of the posts that hype $3 by Thanksgiving or $10 is around the corner, it is nice to such a strong shareholder base that believes in their invested company. There are over 9000 OTC stocks and 99.9% of them wish they had shareholders like those of OMVS.

$CCLX…The company is starting to be advertised as they are ready to tell the world they are NOW in their Alpha testing phase of their revolutionary app that will allow cable users to “CUT THE CORD”. Many call this a baby OTTV but priced higher (.025) because they have far less shares outstanding compared to OTTV, and about 1/5th the market cap. Yes, if you liked OTTV, and you like a small float, and ground floor opportunities where the press of app being tested with Apple TV, Roku, Hulu etc… you may want to take a hard look at CableClix (CCLX). Hoping to see some positive momentum this week.

BITCOIN… Its going CRAZZZZZY! at 9pm EST its $4,125.40! Why? Well lots of theories out there and I will share mine. 1) Bitcoin has the ability to be a true global currency that no one government can manipulate… 2) With the possibility of war looming with North Korea (we pray there is NOT a war) investors in the past have taken money out of the market and bought GOLD as a safe haven of sorts, but now Bitcoin may be a new option as a “war worriers” safe haven. This is great news for all “cryptocurrency” as there are plenty of other coins, tokens or digital currency out there and some may do well if they catch on, but Bitcoin is the original and is reaping the largest rewards. Here are 3 OTC’s that are set to continue to break out:

$BTSC…Bitcoin Services Inc. closed Friday at 0.102 +0.018 (+21.43%). Wednesday, BTSC was only .06, rumor has it earnings are due for $BTSC and if positive mixed with the bitcoin run, it could “gap” Monday morning.

$BTCS… not to get confused with BTSC, BTCS Inc closed Friday at 0.205 +0.0616 (+42.96%). Wednesday, BTCS was $0.10, so it has gained 100%+ in 3 days. Again, expect BTCS to gap Monday morning.

$BITCF…First Bitcoin Capital Corp. closed Friday at 1.49 +0.5451 (+57.69%). Wednesday, BITCF opened at $0.45…so it has gained 200%+ in 3 days. Look for BITCF to test $2-3 on Monday.

$GRDO… (Guard Dog Inc) well I haven’t had a sub-penny in a while and so I am going to mention one to you that a few people I respect and follow are loving at the moment. The chart is looking good and here is the latest letter from the CEO to its shareholders,

Dear Shareholders, 

We would first like to say, thank you for all the messages, emails, calls and warm welcomes that we have received over the past few days. As everyone knows we were granted custodianship for the following 3 companies Guard Dog, Inc. (GRDO),Media G3, Inc. (MDGC) and MC Endeavors, Inc.(MSMY). 

We are very excited about being given the opportunity to turn around what seems to be a very tough past for the shareholders of each entity. Over the next few weeks we will begin splitting each company off with their own emails, social media and websites so that our investors feel they have full transparency through the revival process. 

We will also be wrapping up CEO and merger candidate interviews early next week. After our choices are made we will begin appointing them to each respective business. Before CEO’s and companies can be merged in, we must tackle the outstanding bills that are due to the Secretary of State for each company to bring them back to current status. We plan to begin that process as early as next week. We ask shareholders to please be patient during this process and believe in us to deliver on our promises. Every move we make will weigh on two things going forward, how it benefits the shareholders and how it benefits the company. 

We have already turned down several candidates that posed the threat of toxic financing due to high overhead cost. We are firm believers in good things come to those who wait, even though it was hard to turn them down, it was the right thing to do. As many will quickly learn, our reputation means everything to us. Although we could go on with rhetoric, we will let the actions we make going forward speak for us. 

We think with our methods, connections and experience will quickly make our footprint in the investing community. We would like to once again thank shareholders for your support, have a great weekend and be ready for exciting times ahead! 

Kelani Long – CEO 
International Venture Society 

Ok… so what is being PROMO’d this weekend?



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DISCLOSURE: Of the mentioned companies, we are long CCLX, all shares were bought on the open market. We have no been compensated by any 3rd party or company to mention the above companies. It is our goal to be transparent in the stocks that get mentioned with our readers.

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