7-30-2017 WEEKEND REPORT: We look at $OMVS, $XTRN, $CCLX, $MLFB & Promos

Welcome readers, as always we hope you had or are having an amazing weekend. I am happy to recap and share my thoughts on the companies I have mentioned throughout the week whether it was on the site or twitter (@psinvestor_com). Last, we will see what companies are being promoted through newsletters.

Before I get into the stocks, I want to let other creative writers know I am open to expanding my website to cover more companies. I am one person with 1 set of eyes and ears to follow the small yet large world of penny stocks. If you would like to get involved, please contact me at dsalzagroup@gmail.com

Ok… as always, $OMVS is at the forefront of many of our readers concerns. For some, last week was a roller coaster: Ups, Downs followed by a “power hour” (3pm-close) that saw the share price rise 50% alone (0.11’s–>0.17). You know everything is coming… August is here comes Tuesday. The slow decline from the high of 0.2145 may have been fueled by profit taking, shorting (sensitive subject that you never know if it really happens because it is “illegal” for the “average joe” shareholder to do) or bashing of the stock (negative posts, outlooks and more) so that those that they “missed the boat” could get a position for the inevitable upcoming run. The fall to 0.10 and if we break the 0.2145 level this week will be a strong enough bump to be that 4th spike scenario I spoke of 2 weeks back. The chart is so rigid with spikes and falls it looks like “shark teeth” and one investor call it the “godzilla pattern” (see below)

So, with the way OMVS closed Friday, it is poised to Gap Monday morning… and to add fuel to the fire was a Saturday morning “tweet” from RAD CEO Steve Reinharz that has investors salivating for upcoming news and share prices rising. Monday will be fun to watch for sure.

Next we take a look at $CCLX (CableClix) which had a rough and still is 50% higher than when we alerted our readers. There was a big seller Wed/Thurs that drove the price way down, but was quickly eaten through and almost fully regained its 35-40% fall. As investors regained confidence with its ability to regain support and strength back into the 0.03’s. A Thursday night iHub post from the exCEO Mark Bayliss created doubt and concern throughout the morning. Shareholders were uneasy and weak hands sold down to the low 0.02’s. Dialogue went back and forth through the day, many trying to figure the motive and reasoning behind Mr. Bayliss’ comments and actions. By the end of the day, most shareholders bought back in to get the stock back to .026, which is still a 50%+ gain from our 0.017 alert.

$MLFB Major League Football, Inc has risen 366% last weak from its low of .06 to close Friday at 0.22

$XTRN Las Vegas Railway (sub-penny) .0003/.0004 is at the completion stage of being acquired. They are to receive $20mm from $XREE and XTRN will be a subsidiary. Investors feel an announcement will happen Monday and it will be off to the races. My broker @Scottrade would NOT allow purchasing of the security but would allow one to SELL it if they owned it. This is the 2nd time I have run into this situation with them. The last time was on a company $AVOP that ran from .10 to over .20 and I missed out on a double+ (grrrr).

Promos and others

$ACLR was hyped “This Company Developed An App That Could Save Your Life One Day and Deliver Profits Of Up To 3,900%.” Atacama Resources International, Inc. (OTCMKTS: ACRL) is a publicly traded company that operates in two business sectors: technology and mining.

Other popular on the boards/social media are: $AWWI which was promoted hard Friday and way up… otcmarkets.com has the CROSS BONES for it (buyer beware), $ECOB a sub penny many are still trying to build and rebuild momentum with, $AZFL a cannabis company is also a twitter favorite.

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